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Phone: 215-885-2307
1000 Easton Rd. Suite 110, Wyncote, Pennsylvania 19095

E’TAE NATURAL PRODUCTS is a line of natural hair products for all types of hair created by Kisha Tompkins. With 25 year experience as a hairstylist, Kisha was inspired to develop a line of natural hair products for her daughter and her clients as well. Using E’TAE Natural Hair products you can achieve natural, beautiful healthy hair that can transition from relaxed to natural.

For more information about E’TAE Natural Products and where you can purchase them, please call 215-884-2082 or fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.

To purchase any one of our products you can go to our web site at

E’TAE Natural Products & Salon E'TAE Located in the Cedarbrook Plaza Shopping Center.PA 19095

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