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Pilates Cutchogue, NY : Dottie’s Pilates Plus Studio

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Phone: 631-680-2778
28080 Main Rd, Cutchogue, New York 11935

Dottie’s Pilates Plus Studio is a full functioning pilates studio in Cutchogue, NY offering private and semi-private instruction.

Personal private training sessions and group classes using the Pilates method for core strengthening, balance, coordination and flexibility with Pilates mat workouts, physioball, reformer/Cadillac apparatus and TRX suspension training. Yoga classes are also offered.


Mat Class – All of Joseph Pilates principles included in this one hour class which may include the use of magic rings, light weights, gerti balls and arcs.

Mat Barre Class – This one hour class integrates dance, ballet, pilates, and yoga into a fun and fat burning routine.

3-2-1 Class – Integration of 3 minutes of aerobics, 2 minutes of strength and 1 minute of core using all Pilates based movement for one challenging hour.

Mat Springboard Class – The springboard is based on the tower from the trapeze or Cadillac apparatus. Full body one hour workout using stroops and springs with a trapeze bar.

Restorative Stretch Class – One hour class of active and static stretches using a stability ball, rings, and foam rollers.

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